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Product Specification
Main Display 15" HD LED display ( support touch function )
Customer Display 12" HD LED display ( without touch function )
Touch Screen 15" 5 wire resistance touch screen ( Optional Multi capacitive touch screen )
Mainboard 170mm*170mm industrial control board
CPU 2.41GHz Dual-core dual thread Intel Celeron J1800
Hard Disk MASTA 32G SSD ( Optional 64G/128G or 500G HDD)
RAM DDR3 2G ( Optional 4G/8G )
NIC RealtekRTL8111E NIC chip (1/100M)
Interface 1*PS/2 1*LAN 1*COM 1*LTP 6*USB 1*VGA 1*Line-OUT 1*MIC-in
Power 12V = 7A
Operating System Windows 7 / Windows 10
Operating Environment Operating Temperature: 0~50° C, Operating Humidity: 10~80%
Dimensions 420 mm * 350 mm * 480 mm
Weight 11 kg

Product Advantages

Capacitive touch screen

     Capacitive screen is widely use in mobile phones, tablet, and other products, in general, most of cash register is the use of resitive touch screen. We use the capacitive touch screen, the touch function will be very sensitive and very high accuracy

Intel inside

     For Intel Celeron J1800 processor, it has a low energy consumption and other characteristic of high performance, even if a long time to work, there will be not an error. In the company motherboard configuration. The J1800 performance will be better for high-tech industrial motherboard, it can ensure that the cash register process stability and fluency.

Dual screen display

     The customer experience upgrade. The main and vice screen is 15.1" led display. The vice screen can show ad and recommended products. So the enhances the sales of products

Product Details

We use a key to start the design, external two expansion USB interface, which is a more user-friendly design

Main and auxiliary displays can be adjusted up and down 45 ° angle, It’s applies to various cash registers.

Our Expansion warehouse design on the bottom of the host, It's not only beautiful and very convenient.

We use the HD lcd display, The color will be more abundant, So you will enjoy a different feast of vision

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