Easy to build your customer database
  • Add new customers directly at the point of sale

    During checout, save a customer information and quickly build your customer database. Track customer details with the option to email them their receipt.

  • Create customer profiles

    Customer details are automatically saved under their profile where you can view their purchase history, loyalty and account balances.

Grow repeat business with your own customer loyalty program.

  • Build your own custom program

    WH Loyalty is powerful, flexible and easy to use. New customers can automatically be added into the program, or you can incentivize them to join by inviting them to sign up via email.

  • Earning and redeeming loyalty rewards

    Customers earn loyalty on every qualifying purchase and can redeem it in the future. Staff can view a customer’s balance at the sell and payment screens and apply that balance during checkout.

  • You’re in control

    Offer one simple loyalty reward rate on all products, or apply custom rates for special products.

  • Know your top customers

    Understand who your most loyal customers are and how they spend. Easily see the total balance of loyalty earned across all your customers.

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